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Oxidative addition of halogens on open metal sites in a microporous spin‐crossover coordination polymer
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Deep oxidation of volatile organic compounds using ordered cobalt oxides prepared by a nanocasting route
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Chemical effects on the optical band-gap of heavily doped ZnO: M III (M= Al, Ga, In): An investigation by means of photoelectron spectroscopy, optical measurements under …
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Nanotexturing to enhance photoluminescent response of atomically thin Indium Selenide with highly tunable band gap
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Influence of the preparative route on the properties of WOx–ZrO2 catalysts: a detailed structural, spectroscopic, and catalytic study
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111 oriented gold nanoplatelets on multilayer graphene as visible light photocatalyst for overall water splitting
D Mateo, I Esteve-Adell, J Albero, JF Sánchez Royo, A Primo, H Garcia
Nature Communications 7, 11819, 2016
Femtosecond laser fragmentation from water-dispersed microcolloids: toward fast controllable growth of ultrapure Si-based nanomaterials for biological applications
P Blandin, KA Maximova, MB Gongalsky, JF Sanchez-Royo, VS Chirvony, ...
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CuInS2 Films for Photovoltaic Applications Deposited by a Low-Cost Method
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Optical and photovoltaic properties of indium selenide thin films prepared by van der Waals epitaxy
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Investigation of conduction-band structure, electron-scattering mechanisms, and phase transitions in indium selenide by means of transport measurements under pressure
D Errandonea, A Segura, JF Sánchez-Royo, V Mun, P Grima, A Chevy, ...
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Photoemission from graphite: Intrinsic and self-energy effects
VN Strocov, A Charrier, JM Themlin, M Rohlfing, R Claessen, N Barrett, ...
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Highly fluorescent and photostable organic-and water-soluble CdSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dots capped with thiols
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Ultrapure laser-synthesized Si nanoparticles with variable oxidation state for biomedical applications
A Al-Kattan, YV Ryabchikov, T Baati, V Chirvony, JF Sánchez-Royo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 4, 7852-7858, 2016
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