Rebecca D. Burdine
Rebecca D. Burdine
Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University
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Loss-of-function mutations in the EGF-CFC gene CFC1 are associated with human left-right laterality defects
RN Bamford, E Roessler, RD Burdine, U Şaplakoğlu, J dela Cruz, M Splitt, ...
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Conserved requirement for EGF–CFC genes in vertebrate left–right axis formation
YT Yan, K Gritsman, J Ding, RD Burdine, JMD Corrales, SM Price, ...
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The coiled-coil domain containing protein CCDC40 is essential for motile cilia function and left-right axis formation
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A nodal signaling pathway regulates the laterality of neuroanatomical asymmetries in the zebrafish forebrain
ML Concha, RD Burdine, C Russell, AF Schier, SW Wilson
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DYX1C1 is required for axonemal dynein assembly and ciliary motility
A Tarkar, NT Loges, CE Slagle, R Francis, GW Dougherty, JV Tamayo, ...
Nature genetics 45 (9), 995-1003, 2013
EGL-17 (FGF) expression coordinates the attraction of the migrating sex myoblasts with vulval induction in C. elegans
RD Burdine, CS Branda, MJ Stern
Development 125 (6), 1083-1093, 1998
CCDC103 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia by disrupting assembly of ciliary dynein arms
JR Panizzi, A Becker-Heck, VH Castleman, DA Al-Mutairi, Y Liu, ...
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Conserved and divergent mechanisms in left–right axis formation
RD Burdine, AF Schier
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Guidelines for morpholino use in zebrafish
DYR Stainier, E Raz, ND Lawson, SC Ekker, RD Burdine, JS Eisen, ...
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SIX2 and BMP4 mutations associate with anomalous kidney development
S Weber, JC Taylor, P Winyard, KF Baker, J Sullivan-Brown, R Schild, ...
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Zebrafish models of idiopathic scoliosis link cerebrospinal fluid flow defects to spine curvature
DT Grimes, CW Boswell, NFC Morante, RM Henkelman, RD Burdine, ...
Science 352 (6291), 1341-1344, 2016
egl-17 encodes an invertebrate fibroblast growth factor family member required specifically for sex myoblast migration in Caenorhabditis elegans
RD Burdine, EB Chen, SF Kwok, MJ Stern
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (6), 2433-2437, 1997
Quantitative differences in tissue surface tension influence zebrafish germ layer positioning
EM Schötz, RD Burdine, F Jülicher, MS Steinberg, CP Heisenberg, ...
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Zebrafish curly up encodes a Pkd2 ortholog that restricts left-side-specific expression of southpaw
J Schottenfeld, J Sullivan-Brown, RD Burdine
Development 134 (8), 1605-1615, 2007
pitx3 defines an equivalence domain for lens and anterior pituitary placode
S Dutta, JE Dietrich, G Aspöck, RD Burdine, A Schier, M Westerfield, ...
Development 132 (7), 1579-1590, 2005
CCDC151 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia by disruption of the outer dynein arm docking complex formation
R Hjeij, A Onoufriadis, CM Watson, CE Slagle, NT Klena, GW Dougherty, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 95 (3), 257-274, 2014
Zebrafish mutations affecting cilia motility share similar cystic phenotypes and suggest a mechanism of cyst formation that differs from pkd2 morphants
J Sullivan-Brown, J Schottenfeld, N Okabe, CL Hostetter, FC Serluca, ...
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A loss-of-function mutation in the CFC domain of TDGF1 is associated with human forebrain defects
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Regression-based identification of behavior-encoding neurons during large-scale optical imaging of neural activity at cellular resolution
A Miri, K Daie, RD Burdine, E Aksay, DW Tank
Journal of neurophysiology 105 (2), 964-980, 2011
Direct and indirect roles for Nodal signaling in two axis conversions during asymmetric morphogenesis of the zebrafish heart
K Baker, NG Holtzman, RD Burdine
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (37), 13924-13929, 2008
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